Strategic Plan


This Five Year Strategic Plan for the Southern African Railways Association (SARA) which covers the period 2014-2018 will guide the Association’s programmes over the next 5 years. It provides the basis upon which the association is able to assess its performance in relation to its set objectives. The Plan is drawn against a background of projected increases in demand for transport services in view of expanding mining activities in the region. The bulk nature of regional products places railways as one of the key surface transport modes.

SARA’s objective is to bring about fair intermodal competition among surface transport modes through lobbying for surface policy shift to promote intermodal equity between road and rail. This provides a means for the railways to improve their efficiency and effectiveness of their operations and sets the course to be followed by SARA towards meeting its objectives in pursuit of its mandate.

While lobbying has remained one of the major objectives of SARA, the need for performance improvement...

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