Business Plan

The Southern African Railways Association (SARA) Secretariat 2015 Business Plan will guide the Secretariat’s activities as approved by the Board and at the same time forms the basis of supervision and monitoring of the SARA Secretariat’s performance. This Plan is a progressive implementation of the Association’s 2014 - 2018 Strategic Plan approved by the SARA Board in November 2013.

SARA’s objective is to bring about fair intermodal competition among surface transport modes through lobbying for surface policy shift to promote intermodal equity between road and rail. This provides a means for the railways to improve their efficiency and effectiveness of their operations and sets the course to be followed by SARA towards meeting its objectives in pursuit of its mandate.

While lobbying has remained one of the major objectives of SARA, the need for performance improvement has taken a central position on the regional agenda. Efficient and cost effective service delivery will thus assist the railways’ cause through improved policy support and increased market share while benefiting the regional economy,...

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