The SARA Board comprises of Chief Executives of member organisations and is the supreme policy making body of the organisation. The President chosen from among the Board members on a rotational basis chairs the Board. The tenure of office for the SARA President and Vice President is one year in terms of the SARA Constitution. The SARA Executive Director is an ex-officio member of the Board.

The SARA Executive Committee (EXCO) is made up of officers appointed by their respective organisations. The Vice-Pres- ident of the Board chairs EXCO. It oversees the functioning of the Association and may act on behalf of and exercise the powers of the Board, reporting its action at the next meeting of the Board for approval. More specifically the Executive Com- mittee is responsible for;

Directing, monitoring and supervising activities of SARA

  1. Initiating policy formulation and presenting these to the Board for
  2. Deliberating on recommendations/proposals from SARA Committees pertaining to 
  3. formation of project teams and resolve on the need for these or
  4. Implementing policies, decisions and programmes on behalf of the
  5. Scrutinising and debating proposed capital and operating expenditure budgets prepared by the Secretariat.
  6. Monitoring expenses of the Secretariat against budget provision
  7. Recommending signatories for SARA Accounts

SARA operates through committees when carrying out its business activities. The three committees are Policy Investment Finance and Administration (PIFA), Business Management Committee (BMC) and Technology Committee (TC). The naming of the committees is in line with their responsible areas of focus and specialisation. These committees report to the Executive Committee (EXCO)

These are multi-disciplinary committees responsible for managing specific corridors. All aspects of railway business pertaining to a particular corridor is handled by these committees. There are eleven Corridor Management Groups (CMGs) according to the number of Corridors in SARA (Beira, Beitbridge, Dar es Salaam, Goba, Limpopo, Lobito, Namibian, Plumtree, Ressano Garcia, Richards Bay and Central Corridor).


The SARA Secretariat comprises of the Executive Director, Programmes Coordinator, Administrative Officer, Office Assistant and Driver.